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Where to stay

We offer home hospitality for those coming to Pittsburgh for treatment.

Please contact us directly for home hospitality!

We have also found that families may prefer to stay close to the hospital during critical times. The following provides information on this option. 


(The rates may be either more and less - please call to verify!)

Hotel Info

Keeping in mind that Pittsburgh is relatively small, you have LOTS of options of where to stay if you don't mind driving 10-15 minutes.  We work off the assumption that you want to stay as close to the hospital as possible, though- and that even walking distance would be ideal.  If you want further options, let me know.



Here's a map of the Presbyterian Hospital area

The hospital is on Lothrop & Fifth.  There are two hotels in particular that we recommend often and are each about a 5-minute walk.  And then there’s the Family House, which is a 10 minute drive/30 minute walk- but since the Family House is specifically for patient families, they host a shuttle to each hospital.  First information about the hotels, and then information about Family House:



For the hotels, you can start by calling and saying you are with a UPMC PATIENT who will be staying for several weeks, so can they give you a discounted rate?


Also, if you have a car, try to negotiate the parking fee, or get it waived.  Once you’ve stayed for a few days, try again!! 


Once you’ve heard their “Hospital Rate”, then check online and see if you can get an even cheaper rate on Expedia, Travelocity or one of those sites!


ALL of the hotels have free internet, a business area (a few computers and printers), workout facilities, small fridge and coffee maker in the room.


HOTEL 1:   Residence Inn by Marriott- 3341 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213    Phone: (412) 621-5600  It’s a suite hotel with small kitchens in the rooms.  The kitchens include a larger fridge, stovetop, microwave and plates/pots/pans (not kosher). They also have a pool, laundry facilities, etc. It’s the newest of the hotels and people have been very pleased with it.  Also, if you cut through the alley, it’s a level walk to the hospital.  There is a parking lot next door, for a fee.


HOTEL 2:  Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh University Place. - 3454 Forbes Avenue, Pgh 15213 - (Forbes & McKee) (412) 683-2040   Parking - valet only (and not cheap): Parking is limited but there is an overflow lot behind the hotel.

This is an older hotel with attached rooms if needed, and everyone we’ve put there has liked it.  The rooms have fridges and microwaves, but it’s not like a mini kitchen.  They really work hard to please.  It pays to contact The SALES OFFICE and tell them you’re here with a UPMC patient.  Then, the sales office often reduced the rate from that point.  From 6AM- 10PM, there's a free hospital shuttle that circulates within a 3 mile radius- so you could get a ride across the street in rainy weather, and even arrange for them to bring you into Squirrel Hill, where the kosher stores/restaurants are. (The hotel provides grab n’ go breakfasts free of charge currently. Not kosher- but cereal and milk may be.  Also there is a 24hr grab and go market for basic things)


PLEASE NOTE: There is a person named Helena Kraniou (direct line: 412-688-1982) who is very happy to accommodate patients and their families who require an extended stay. She really wants to help in any way possible, including providing a larger refrigerator and a hot plate and/or allowing self- parking at a discounted rate (Usually they only have valet parking at 25$ per day)They also have meetings spaces they can offer if guests want to set up a hospitality area for their family-like an extra living space. 


FAMILY HOUSE- Although hotels are nice, it's certainly an expense.   Here's a link for more information about The Family House.  Basically, it's a non-profit hotel for patients and families, so their rates are much cheaper than typical hotels. Effective July 15, 2022:

  • Single ( 1 Twin) $60

  • Double (2 Twin, 1 Queen, 1 King) $80

  • Double + Double Sofa Bed (1 Queen + Double Sofa Bed) $94

  • Quad (2 Queens) $101

  • Quad + DSB (2 Queens + Double Sofa Bed) $105

  • Kitchenette (2 Twins , 1 Queen) $116

  • Apartment (1 King + Double Sofa Bed) $120

 They also have a sliding scale, based on income.  Call (412) 647-7777 to make reservations.  


We've had lots of patients stay at the Family House and they're uniformly happy- understanding that it's set up for patients and families.  As I mentioned on our call, they do not want anyone staying exclusively in their rooms so they have one big,  shared kitchen and dining area.  There are no formal meals served there, but they want everyone to come out of their rooms and eat where they may see another person sometimes!  The kitchen has huge industrial-sized fridges and they'll give you a space just for you and your rooms.  None of our patients over DECADES has ever had food stolen in a Family House.  And they have full cooking facilities, but very little is kosher.  Family House is clean and nice- but a bit more 'haimish' than the hotels.   They have a free shuttle to take you to each of the hospitals they serve. ASK FOR THE SHADYSIDE facility.


There are a few other hotel options a bit further away but still walking-distance, and then, as the circle expands, a lot more hotels.  Please be in touch with any questions.  These rates aren't guaranteed, but they give you an approximate idea of how much things cost when we last checked.  And you can, of course, see lots of photos online.  I hope this is helpful!!


If you want to reconsider home-hospitality, please be in touch.  Our community is a 45-minutes walk/7 minute drive, though.

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