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Bikur Cholim of Pittsburgh

The BIKUR CHOLIM OF PITTSBURGH - Friends of Jewish Patients is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, volunteer-based organization that provides for the material and spiritual needs of those facing medical-related challenges and their families in the Jewish community.

Pittsburgh hosts a world-class medical center, bringing in patients from across the USA and around the world. We are a smaller city with a robust and diverse observant community, and we are here to help you in anyway we can.

The observant Jewish community is located in Squirrel Hill, just 2-3 miles from the major hospitals. We have found that often families want to be close to the hospitals for those first few difficult days and again on שבת. For those times, we have recommendations on where to stay near each hospital. Also, as there are no hotels in Sq. Hill, we routinely host patients and their families in our homes.

Likewise, kosher food in Pittsburgh is "not quite as available as in New York". There are several places where you can order kosher food, Though once again, our volunteers stand ready to bring food to you at the hospitals or family house.

We are here to support you! We have done all kinds of interesting once-only sorts of things from frequently picking up new patients and their families from the airport to finding an ipad so a young patient can video chat with her family and friends. 

Our goal is to allow you to worry about your loved one - without worrying about everything else. Just contact us!

Nina Butler

The Brains!

Nina is the face of Bikur Cholim of Pittsburgh. One call to Nina - and it's done! As one person said, "Nina knows what we need before we even know it ourselves."

Ronit Wiesenfeld

Volunteer Coordinator


Ronit helps coordinate our efforts to help you! She is always ready and willing to make it easier for our volunteers to help our patients and their families.

Sue Fuhrman

Technical Staff


Sue generally works behind the scenes on the tech related stuff - but she is always ready to help out.

Our Community

The Volunteers


The entire Pittsburgh Jewish Community stands ready to help you and your loved ones!

Contact us to join our team!

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